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Hi! We're the Billy Bobs

It started in 2016 when we met in Young Farmers, when dating we spent our time visiting agricultural shows and planning when we would one day have a farm of our own. 2018 was a big year for us - we got married and became the Billy Bob's (Williams-Roberts), we bought 3 ewes and 6 lambs and kept them on 2 acres of ground owned by Josh grandparents. That year we saw the worst snow that we'd ever seen, "The Beast from the East". We carried food, hay and water up the hill to the sheep as the car couldn't make it through the drifts!

Later that year, we were fortunate to be able to grow from 3 acres to 43 acres. We got to grow our flock adding a few pedigrees into the mix. 

2019, our team of three (Josh, Naomi and Winnie) grew to four, when Isla was born. Whilst on maternity leave, we had the idea to invite the public into our farming journey. We began to sell our lamb direct to the public with great feedback. 

2020, saw the Covid year come in. We continued to deliver lamb to our customer (socially distanced) and gained our fifth and final team member, Jean our resident sheep boss (dog). 2020 also marked the first year that we raised Turkeys for Christmas. We grew again to 130 acres.

2021, we have expanded into pigs for the first time and are in our second batch of Christmas Turkeys! 

We'd like to thank everyone that has helped us on our journey so far. You know who you are and without you we wouldn't be able to do what we love so thank you!


Meet the Team

Josh and Little Pig - circle_edited.jpg
Josh (Mr Billy Bob)
Farmer, Makes things grow
Naomi and hone.jpg
Naomi (Mrs Billy Bob)
Farmer, Marketeer, makes things pretty
Isla and honey_edited.jpg
Isla (Baby Billy Bob)
Mini Farmer, Makes mess and lots of fun
Jean (Sheep Boss)
Sheep Dog, Quad Surfer
Winnie (Friend to all)
Lap warmer, mischief maker
Yep that's it! We're not a big corporate business, Billy Bob's is a family run business.
We do everything ourselves from planting to website building to order taking.

It's just us three humans and two dogs that run the farm. The occasional grandparent or neighbour helps by blocking gates for us when we move the sheep. 
Grass banner hilly_edited.png
Grass banner hilly.png
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