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Springtime at
Billy Bobs Farm!

Lambing Experience Tickets now open for 2023


Join the Billy Bobs this spring at the farm

during our lambing period. 

Naomi and Josh will take you around the farm for a hands-on experience learning all about lambing.


We will share how we farm and why we choose to follow certain methods. Working between the barns and fields you will get the chance to enjoy the stunning views that Llangybi has to offer. 

What is better than a newborn lamb?

A whole barn full of newborn lambs!

Take a peek in the lambing shed...


We have approximately 120 ewes here at Billy Bobs farm. During your experience day, we will cover the full lambing cycle, caring for pregnant sheep, recognising labour, common problems and the everyday tasks at lambing time.


You should experience at least one live birth during the day (but as with any animal, nothing can be guaranteed). 

If births do happen during the day, you will have the opportunity to get really hands-on (if you want to!)

The Nursery

Spend time in the nursery, here you will find the new mums and lambs that have had problems during or after lambing and orphaned lambs who need bottle feeding (and lots of cuddles!)

Day Plan

The day will be informal and flexible around what is happening with the ewes and lambs at the time. You will help with daily tasks around the farm, moving and checking sheep and lambs, feeding orphaned lambs and hopefully seeing the lambs being born. There will be an opportunity to see the other animals on the farm.

Whilst you are with us please ask as many questions as you'd like about

farming and sheep. 

Group Size and Booking

We are only accepting small groups of 6 people, we like to keep the lambing areas as calm as possible to allow the ewes to remain unstressed. Due to this spaces are limited so if you are interested please book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. 

Food will be supplied to those booking on the full day 
Local Accommodation available


This experience is suitable for complete beginners - no previous stock handling experience is required, just a keen interest in learning what happens at lambing time. The day will be informative for sheep keepers with smaller flocks and limited experience who are looking to learn more about lambing time. 


So if you fancy yourself a sheepy midwife or just want a chance to unwind in the

barn book today!


Click below to book your visit

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