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Pre-Order your meat

for your Christmas Meals

Christmas is the season for spending time with your nearest and dearest. Getting together a sharing a meal at this time of year allows you to slow down and be thankful for what you have achieved throughout the year, reflecting on all the ups and downs as Christmas closes and the New Year approaches. 

We recognise the importance of good quality, responsibly sourced food. That's why throughout, the year we work hard to prepare for this season, ensuring that we are proud and confident to supply you for the Christmas period. For arguable the best meal of the year. 



Our Bronze Turkeys are with us from a day old and are sourced from high welfare hatcheries. Until 6 weeks they are kept under heat until their adult feathers come through. 

Our Turkeys live for around 23 weeks which is over twice as long as the birds on the supermarket shelves. This allows them a better quality of life and to mature naturally - enhancing the flavour dramatically. 

Whole Bird

£14.50 per/kg

We recommend a kg per 2 people

Turkey Crown

We recommend a kg per 2 people

Turkey Crown

with Bacon

We recommend a kg per 2 people

Half Turkey Crown

We recommend a kg per 2 people

Half Turkey Crown

with Bacon

We recommend a kg per 2 people


We keep a drift of Saddleback Pigs our our farm in South Wales. This native heritage breed is renowned for its beautiful smokey flavour and fat that melts. Our pork is the perfect addition to your Christmas table. 

Boned & Rolled Leg

£10.50 per/kg

Boned & Rolled Shoulder

£10.00 per/kg

Gammon Joint

£12.00 per/kg

Gammon Steak

£5.00 (x2 Steaks)

Belly Strips

£5.00 per/kg

Sausage Meat

£4.95 per/500g

Pigs in Blankets

£6.95 (x8 chipolatas in a pack)

Pig in Blanket Swirl

£6.95 (1 jumbo sausage swirl)


Nobody rears lamb like the welsh and nothing can beat a slow-roasted leg of lamb, seasoned with rosemary and garlic. We slow-grow our lamb, allowing them to naturally mature on lush welsh pasture. This allows the meat to develop a deep flavour and tender texture.

Leg of Lamb

£16.50 per/kg

Boned and Rolled

Leg of Lamb

£20.00 per/kg (Joints av. 1.3kg)

Shoulder of Lamb

£15.00 per/kg

Boned and Rolled Shoulder of Lamb

£19.00 per/kg (Joints av. 1.3kg)

Diced Lamb

£10.00 per/500g

Lamb Chops

£3.95 (each)

Lamb Mince

£8.00 per/500g

Lamb Steak

£5.00 (each)



£6.00 (6lbs Jar)


£4.00 (3lbs Jar)

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